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Pampas Argentine Restaurant & Steakhouse

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Pampas Argentine Restaurant & Steakhouse is a casual cozy family-run new full-service Restaurant & Steakhouse, nestled near the corner of North Ave and Harlem in Elmwood Park, IL, offering delicious, fresh, healthy Argentinean cuisine and warm hospitality in an atmosphere with an intimate and contemporary feel.

In Pampas you'll taste authentic and traditional Argentinean cuisine going beyond the typical steaks and grilled foods. While many Argentinean restaurants offer only Argentinean barbecue and grilled meats, Pampas Argentine Restaurant & Steakhouse introduces to a wide variety of dishes inspired by ancestral traditions. Argentinean cuisine is heavily influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisine while also incorporating native South American flavors. Much of the flavor of Argentinean foods come from herbs and spices, and grilling is a favored cooking method, making this cuisine especially healthful. The secret of our difference: quality ingredients, grilling and cooking expertise, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. You don't have to travel to Argentina to get some great 'cue.

Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local products. Our menu changes every six to eight weeks, offering a mix of new and signature dishes. We consider Pampas to be a truly “Argentine” restaurant honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative vision.

Operating in a thriving destination neighborhood, Pampas Argentine Restaurant & Steakhouse features a simple menu and reasonable prices, bringing this delicious South American cuisine to the Elmwood Park community.

Pampas Argentine Restaurant & Steakhouse develops its exceptional fusion cuisine and impeccable service while operating as the only restaurant of its kind in the area. Boasting savory traditional empanadas in addition to a variety of other menu options designed to satisfy any palate,

Hugo, the owner, has a Business Expert Diploma and, as a longtime Restaurant Management and Beverage Distribution Management Applications Developer in his home country, he worked for a variety of food establishments in addition to serving in other food-related industries, becoming an expert in the field. He arrived in the US from Argentina with his family many years ago, when he began to develop this dream of Pampas, paying close attention to all the small details, so you may enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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